Why team building should be your first priority

Working in a corporate environment can be quite stressful and a lack of interpersonal skills among the employees just creates more problems. It is of paramount importance that there is a strong interpersonal relationship between the employees at different levels in a corporate firm to prevent falling out and inefficiency among the workers. Teaching the employees to trust their colleagues also goes a long way in preventing whistle blowers. As soon as the corporate culture and scene became popular all over the world, along with it came a whole lot of problems which needed solving. One of the main problems was the rigid nature of the corporate world. this created stress among the employees and led to inefficiency due to a lack of interpersonal skills.

Now that we have identified the problem, working on it is the best solution. This can be done by team building activities. Competent team building activities are activities that improve the social relationship between employees and create a clear definition of the tasks to be done by them. This can be made possible by making the employees collaborate on certain projects. This is the most basic solution to create strong interpersonal skills between colleagues as they would develop a professional relationship over the projects. There is some distinction between team training and team building and it is not to be confused over. Team training mostly focuses on increasing the efficiency of the employees whereas team building focuses on developing interpersonal skills which eventually lead to an increased efficiency.

Some team building exercises

1. Back-to-back drawing:

First, divide your group into pairs and give one person a drawing or image that he/she will have to make the other person draw purely based on the instructions given by the other person. This exercise will help you determine the problems with interpretation and communication. This leads to a better understanding between the employees and makes the overall team less susceptible to communication gaps.

2. The Human Spring:

This is another exercise that will require the group to be divided into pairs. The pair should be asked to stand facing each other with their palms facing outwards. They are then required to lean on each other solely based on their palms for support and to keep extending their legs further and further until they both depend on each other for balance. This develops a strong dependence and trust among the pair and goes a long way in developing a professional relationship among the employees.

3. The shrinking space:

In this exercise, the employees are arranged into groups of 5-10 each and made to stand within a space marked by some rope or any other markings. After they are ready, the space is gradually shrunk little by little and the team members have to quickly figure out a way to fit in the smallest space possible to avoid getting caught out of the shrinking boundaries. This is an exercise aimed at creative problem solving. This helps employees in coming up with a unique way to solve problems quickly.


In the ways mentioned above, team building activities can greatly help your employees to solve any and all problems they may have with their colleagues and also any problems they have with the rigid corporate structure. Like a good athlete however, the corporate firm must conduct these team building activities as often as possible to maintain and sustain the professional relationship formed between employees.

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